Ventura County Trivia

Bar Trivia/Pub Quizzes are trivia contests sponsored by restaurants generally on a weekly basis. The business owner usually provides prizes for trivia (often gift certificates) along with paying a Quiz Master to write and administer the quiz. While the Quiz Master receives cash compensation from the business, the business recoups its costs from dozens of additional patrons on what would otherwise be a slow night.

These contests vary in the difficulty and types of questions though they most often occur on weeknight evenings and last for about two hours. Teams of any size can form or some people play solo (though it is very difficult for even extremely talented solo players to win).

Here are some of the most popular Ventura County trivia venues.

King Trivia

King Trivia formed in 2004 and has the most trivia nights in Ventura County. The quiz includes several rounds of 6-10 questions in a variety of formats, including general knowledge, pictures, matching, and a listing round. Check their Facebook page for their free answer for the evening, and showing them that you checked into Facebook, Foursquare, or Yelp will net you an additional point. There is a drinking round which while not worth any points provides the winner’s team with a free pitcher of beer. Often the round is not trivia based so anyone can at least win a free pitcher of beer. The overall trivia winners receive gift certificates of varying worth. The quiz is free to play.

In addition to their weekly trivia, King Trivia also has occasional themed trivia nights on specific subjects like Game of Thrones or Dr. Who. These theme nights have cash prizes but also have an entry fee. There is also league play, where, by playing at your local bar night, you can earn entry into their tournament of champions for even more prizes. For more details on these, see their webpage.

Here are places you can play King Trivia in Ventura County.

Tuesday  Cisco’s Westlake Village 7:00pm Map (805) 778-1191
Wednesday Chuy’s – Simi West 7:00pm Map (805) 582-4897
Wednesday The Kitchen on A 7:00pm Map (805) 385-8980
Wednesday Anacapa Brewing Co 8:00pm Map (805) 643-2337
Wednesday Cisco’s Thousand Oaks 7:00pm Map (805) 493-0533
Thursday The Patio at Players Club 8:30pm Map (805) 643-1392


Action Trivia 


Action Trivia is very similar to King Trivia. While the question formats are nearly identical, there are a few differences. The rounds are all 10 questions long and the scoring system makes game play more strategic and thus a little more fun for savvier trivia-goers. It lacks the King Trivia drinking rounds and league play, but this also speeds the trivia up a bit. There are no bonus points for checking into social network,s which is a plus for some. To get the bonus answer for Action Trivia you must sign up for their weekly emails. Action Trivia only has one Ventura County Trivia night.

Tuesday The Tipsy Goat 6:30pm Map (805) 494-9996


Conejo Valley Trivia


Unlike the other more corporate trivia groups, Conejo Valley Trivia is the side project of its quiz master Rick Saladin, a local CPA. The quiz is a very straight forward 50-question quiz divided into 5 sections with a few wrinkles. First an appetizer/dessert question, in which each team provides a numerical answer (How many likes does Obama’s Facebook page have? How many square miles is California?) and the closest team wins a free appetizer or dessert. The second is a red light challenge, where trivia teams have a set length of time to list their correct answers.

This is, by far, the most difficult and serious of the Ventura County pub quizzes, and for good reason; the bar provides a few gift certificates and the winning teams may receive cash prizes of over $100. The pot is funded by a $2 buy in by each player in attendance.  

Rick has been hosting his trivia for over 10 years and has a very established community though he is very welcoming to new players. He can be contacted through his meetup group.

Rick hosts two quizzes per week in Ventura County, though the Muvico quiz is themed entirely around movie- and TV-themed questions.

Monday Crown and Anchor 8:00pm Map (805) 497-0070
Wednesday Bogarts and Muvico 8:00pm Map (805) 494-4702


Additional Trivia

Did we miss your favorite trivia spot? Contact us and we’ll check it out and add it to our list!